Translation and copywriting for your business.


With a degree in International Marketing & Languages, most of my translation work is in business, marketing, finance and law.

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When companies have a primarily international target group, it’s usually faster and more cost-effective for them to have their content written directly in English.

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Machine translation

As a flexible translation partner, I offer my customers a “fit for purpose” machine translation service for certain types of documentation.

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Creative translation

As a creative translation specialist, I’m the first port of call for many customers whose advertising copy needs to have the same sparkle in English.

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Hairdressers and translators have far more in common than initially meets the eye.

Once people find a hairdresser they trust, they tend to stick with them – even if they cost a little extra or take a little longer. This is because the skilled professional allows them to project the image they want. And to avoid the indignity of spending the next two weeks wearing a paper bag over their head.

The same can be said of customers and their translation partners. Translation is a service, not a commodity. More importantly, it’s also a partnership: customer and translator joining forces to convey a message to the target audience and to push the same emotional buttons as in the original language.

Which, needless to say, calls for a very specific set of skills on the part of the translator.

With almost 20 years’ experience in the translation business under my belt, I’m the partner of choice for English translations (from German and French) for a wide cross-section of customers ranging from insurance companies to philatelic auction houses.

And no one will ever ask in a horrified tone: Oh dear, who did you get to translate that?!.

What makes a good translation partner?

This is a question I’m often asked by customers.
As well as punctuality, reliability and common sense – not to mention a willingness to devote valuable space on their website to addressing customer questions like these! – the following are top of my list:

Writing skills are the number one priority: Translators need to have the same writing skills as journalists and other professional scribes. When assessing fellow translators, the first thing I look at is whether they can write elegant, natural English. After all, the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

Cultural awareness: As well as an excellent command of their source languages, translators need to be intimately familiar with the culture of the country in question. If they aren’t, any cultural subtleties woven into a text will have unravelled long before they ever reach the target audience.

Translators should see themselves as partners: This means that they should look out for the customer’s interests beyond the translation itself. Such as by drawing their attention to typos, inaccuracies, copyright issues and potentially offensive terms in source texts. And by using the modern miracle of full stops to transform an unwieldy sentence into three short, bite-sized ones.

Good translators know their limitations: While perfectly at home in my own spheres of expertise, I will always turn down translation work in areas that are well beyond my understanding. Such as medicine, mechanical engineering and the Eurovision Song Contest.

Never trust a translator who doesn’t ask questions: It’s not unusual for translators to encounter vague, ambiguous wording. In such cases, amateurs tend to guess and hope for the best. Professionals ask questions.

A few words from my customers.

Ian has been one of my most trusted partners for English translations since 2008. With his strong business and financial background, he is always an ideal choice when it comes to translating reports, contracts, presentations and minutes for my main interpreting customers.

Angela Sanchez, semantica

As we serve customers all over the world, we decided to hire a copywriter to write all of our press releases and new website content in English directly. Ian came highly recommended – and sees to all our translation needs as well!

Jan Lepold, Orchestral Tools

One of my colleagues always claims that the English translations of his articles read even better than his original German. Which is why we have always left all of our art translations in Ian’s capable hands.

Priska Pasquer, Galerie Priska Pasquer

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